The kingdom of heaven belongs to the children

When we were children, we conquered the world with the values in our hearts. In adolescence we lost those values, and now in adulthood we can recover them. This is a trip where childhood and adulthood travel together. The main purpose of these sculptures is to join together the time and space of those two stages and merge them using my experience with God, mud and fire.

Dando el Salto En Balance con alas Experimentando Libertad (Base Marmol) Experimentando Libertad (Bola) Sí es posible (Bici) Simpleza (Globo) Contemporanea 1 Contemporanea 2 Contemporanea 3 Contemporanea 4 Contemporanea 5 Contemporanea 6 Contemporanea 7 Contemporanea 8 Contemporanea 9 Contemporanea 10 Contemporanea 11 Contemporanea 12